Holiday Social With Dan Mathieson and Ginny Dybenko
Posted on November 30th, 2011 by Avonova

Stratford, ON – Avonova, Stratford’s technology association, is ringing in the
holiday season with a meet-up featuring The-State-of-Things updates from
Mayor Dan Mathieson and Ginny Dybenko, the newly arrived Executive
Director of the University of Waterloo | Stratford Campus. Avonova members
are encouraged to come out to chat with His Worship, Ms. Dybenko and their
fellow geeky people.

The meeting is Tuesday, December 6th, 7-9PM in the President’s Lounge of
the Stratford Country Club. A nominal $5 will cover the obligatory holiday
ingestibles. Please RSVP via or Avonova’s Facebook event page.

As an added dimension for this Season of Giving, we are having an
interactive brainstorming session with Steve Stacey, Director of the Local
Community Food Centre, who is looking for input for this project:

As it happens my colleagues at the STOP Community Food Centre are currently working on a grant that would support the coordination of information systems among a network of different Community Food Centres nationally in a "cloud".
Want to talk about this some time in the near future? I'm actually supposed to be coming back to them with my ideas for how our information needs could be promoted within such a system and I could probably use someone with your kind of expertise and mindset to bounce ideas off.

So Steve is going to pitch, and Avonova is going to mix it up in the room with
a brain-torrent of useful ideas and direction in the forms of live feedback
from the floor and via Powernoodle, so Steve goes away blessed with some
solid input that will help them help those struggling to feed their families.
Scrooge would be proud.

Next month’s meeting on January 10th features an all-star lineup of four
(count ‘em!) social media mavens with the latest dope from the expanding
universe of online interaction.

AVONOVA is for technology-minded people living or working in the Stratford
area: We work with technology because it’s exciting; we live Stratford for the
passion. AVONOVA is about interesting people, challenging ideas and
technology culture. For more information and a schedule of events, visit

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