This is Your Brain on Avonova
3rd Rail Society. 2nd Floor Via Rail Station. at 7:00 PM on November 5th, 2013
Stratford, ON – Avonova, Stratford’s technology group, is hosting a series of cortical quick hits about the opportunities to leverage digital learning, from four distinct angles:  
  1. COMMERCIALIZATION: Laura Martin will present on how Axonify, a Kitchener tech startup, is gamifying the latest brain science to drive knowledge retention in the corporate context –
  2.  DIGITAL GOOD: Susan Kurtz will be delivering a wrap-­‐up presentation on the Avonova ‘Click!’ digital literacy project and how Avonova and five partner agencies have impacted lives with digital learning here in Stratford. 
  3. DIGITAL CULTURE: Paul West will introduce us to online learning resources offered by the UK’s Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce – 
  4. DIGITAL DIY: And another about-­‐to-­‐be-­‐confirmed presenter will do a quick fly-­‐ over of online learning resources we can all tap into to stretch our synapses and nourish our neurons. 
As usual, the meeting will be the first Tuesday of the month, November 5, 7-­‐9PM. The public are welcome. 
VENUE: The feedback at last month’s Avonova meeting of Crowdsolving™ ideas, vision and challenges was very positive about the 3rdRail Society venue. (The $2 honour-­‐bar may have been a factor.) The fresh surroundings, central location and general vibaciousness™ of the space prompted us to re-­‐book the location again on the 2nd floor of the VIA train station. 
NEXT MONTH: Our annual “Bright Side of Winter in Stratford” holiday social. Book it in your calendar now: Tue.Dec.3rd, 7-­‐9PM. 
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