Avonova Experiments with 'Crowdsolving'
3rd Rail Society - Via Rail Train Station. at 7:00 PM on October 1st, 2013

Stratford, ON – Avonova, Stratford’s technology group, is dedicating its October meeting to experiment with a group problem-­‐solving concept: “crowdsolving”™. Members and guests are invited to bring their favourite technology problem, need or peeve (or wish, idea or vision if you’re an optimist) so the great minds surrounding them can provide input, questions, leads and connections.

And very likely a few breakthroughs.

The format will be open to all, but tightly managed:

• You get 1 minute to pitch your issue to the crowd– be it a tech tweak, staffing needs, social media conundrum, business blockage, hardware hack, Internet Explorer 6 … whatever’s buggy or bugging you.

• Or maybe you have an idea or insight for what technology wants in Stratford
next year and want to stir things up a bit.

• Then the crowd gets 4 minutes to knock it around, ask questions, poke holes, toss out suggestions, offer help, shout objections, Instagram a selfie with you … whatever happens, it’s wide open.

• And then we immediately move on to the next 5-­‐minute public piñata session.

We are convinced that with the expertise and experience swirling in the noggins of our
members, we could witness some serious and fun creative dam busting.

THIS MONTH’S VENUE CHANGE: And what better place to communally collaborate than the 3rdRail Society, Stratford’s coworking space up on the 2nd floor of the VIA Rail train station? Just come in the front door of the station, the door and stairs are on the right. There will likely be a voluntary wine and beer appropriation station.

So plan to join us at 7PM this Tuesday, October 1st for a great evening with great people.

NEXT MONTH: “Start-­‐ups, Accelerators, and Other Vacation Ideas.”

AVONOVA is for technology-minded people living or working in the Stratford area – we work with technology because it’s exciting, and we love living and working in Stratford. AVONOVA is about interesting people, challenging ideas and technology culture. For more information and a schedule of events, visit

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