Stratford Accelerator Centre
6 Wellington Street at 7:00 PM on May 7th, 2013


Come out and join us for a discussion with Shane Pegg, Director of Strategic Initiatives of the new Stratford Accelerator Centre.

The Stratford Accelerator Centre delivers to start-ups and early stage companies the Accelerator Program including the provision of comprehensive mentoring and the facilitation of potential grant funding. Established on the same principles anchoring the Waterloo Accelerator Centre, the Stratford Accelerator Centre accepts clients through a competitive application and intake process, and work towards accelerating clients' growth from vision through to early market success.

The Accelerator Program at the Stratford Accelerator Centre is focused on helping technology and digital media firms grow and succeed in Stratford with the objective of helping the City of Stratford create a more diverse, knowledge-based economy. We believe that the City of Stratford represents a high potential geographic area for economic growth, with a highly supportive community of stakeholders and a strong vision for technological prosperity mixed with a great arts and culture foundation for the creation of Digital Media.

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