Avonova Hits the Accelerator
Stratford Country Club at 7:00 PM on October 2nd, 2012

Avonova, Stratford’s technology association, is pleased to host a discussion on startup businesses and technology commercialization with the new Accelerator Centre in Stratford. The meeting is Tuesday, October 2, 7-9PM, in the President’s Lounge at the Stratford Country Club. Admission is free, the bar isn’t, and the curious are welcome.

Josh Wright of the about-to-be-launched Accelerator Centre at the University of Waterloo | Stratford Campus joins us to talk about how ideas become viable businesses, and our new Campus as a seedbed of startups. The AC in Waterloo has fostered 25 successful Waterloo companies in 6 years, and they expect to nurture another 5 or 6 in their first year in Stratford. (BTW, the AC welcomes startup ideas from the Stratford community too.)

Paul West will outline the indoor ‘smart home’ LED lighting pilot project that the City of Stratford, Toshiba International, RIM, and California-based anyCOMM are collaborating on (plus a couple of other Waterloo tech companies). And there will be opportunity to queue up to participate in that pilot project, including RIM PlayBooks that will be set up as home control units for the smart lighting and wall outlets.

We will also be reporting back on the input and feedback from last month’s brain-sharing session and how that will shape Avonova’s programming for this season.

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