Doing Tech in Stratford: Why or Why Not?
Stratford Country Club at 7:00 PM on November 1st, 2011

Join us for this month’s meeting where guest presenters will speak to the merits and challenges of establishing a technology business or career in Stratford (vs. other centres like Kitchener-Waterloo, London or Toronto.) What does Stratford offer that’s unique? What are its shortcomings? Are we being realistic? This session is expected to promote some lively discussion.

Our panelists come at the tech-oriented business/career question from widely divergent perspectives:

  • Gary Wreford, VP, Central Processing Technology, Scotiabank, heads the bank’s worldwide IT services, has worked in the field over 30 years, and has grown his department from 30 to 100. His Stratford-based group is also responsible for the bank’s Centres of Excellence for Workflow, Database Administration and Customer Reporting Solutions.
  • Tim Ellis is the Chief Operating Officer of Waterloo’s Accelerator Centre, a world-renowned, award-winning centre for cultivation of technology entrepreneurship – the centre fosters new companies and technologies coming out of universities and colleges in the region.
  • Jason Clarke is a Web and Social Media Content Creator (videographer) for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival and recent émigré from London, where he founded the Short Film Showcase.

Check out the press release.

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